Walgreens Net Zero


Walgreen Company hired Osman to build the nations first 13,795SF ‘net-zero’ energy retail store.

The Project features:

  • LEED Platinum Certification
  • 849 Rooftop solar panels, 2 wind turbines and geothermal energy technology that taps energy sources 550 feet into the earth
  • Multiple roof planes allowing for maximizing solar energy intake
  • Mechanically operated Clerestory windows, south-facing are designed to take advantage of natural light as well as natural air
  • Design included a mezzanine to house the automated building system mechanicals
  • Existing 20-year old store was demolished with 201.68 tons (85.88%) of the structure recycled
  • Green technologies & sustainable features including energy efficient building materials & low-VOC finished and fixtures
  • LED lighting & daylight harvesting, ultra-high efficient refrigeration (all natural CO2)
  • Native landscaping to eliminate irrigation
  • Storm Trap open-bottom detention system that allows water to release back into the ground 

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