Safety is paramount in construction. At Osman Construction Corporation our project teams, along with our corporate safety director, work closely with clients to set our comprehensive Safety and Loss Prevention Program with their specific requirements. Osman Construction Corporation has a written corporate safety program that helps us see and evade potential safety challenges before they become an issue that might harm any person or entity. This program is based on the following basic components:

Safety and Loss Prevention Program

Outlines dedication to safety and health on all with which Osman Construction Corporation is involved.

Safety Training & Meetings

Job-specific training provided for all Osman Construction Corporation employees, in the office or on the job.

Safety Inspections

Outlines the safety audit process for Osman Construction Corporation’s employees and subcontractors.

Injury Reporting

Process for investigating and reporting injuries.

OSHA Requirements

Commitment to meet and exceed the health and safety requirements of federal and state jurisdictions.

We all have excellent reputations to uphold. More significantly, none of us wish for the health and welfare of anyone be put at risk or jeopardized.